Real estate prices SFO vs. PTY

Read a story these days where a couple bought a small house of 70 m² in San Francisco for $1.2 mio. Shocking. And what did Mark Twain say about the summers there?

Even for well-paid IT people, this is a lot of money for not a lot of living space.

How about this one instead? Just one example. 

Light-flooded 240 m² living area in one of the best and most expensive locations in Panama’s capital, for $995,000. One can get it for half of this along the coast, out of the city.

A penthouse with 3 bed/3bath at the entrance of the Panama Canal, 15 minutes from downtown and with stunning views of the skyline and historic quarter of Panama City, Panama.  



Warm weather all year long. Numerous restaurants, yacht club in walking distance.

Nearby ferries going to the islands

Jogging and biking tracks along the Pacific entrance of the Panama Canal.  


Do the math yourself. And it’s much more about quality of life then about money.  

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