A surprising opener

In Houston you’ll find 14 buildings higher than 200m.  Los Angeles has 11, Seattle and Miami have 4 each, San Francisco only 3 and Boston 2.

Panama City, Panama, has 19.  (Source: emporis.com)


It can’t compete with New York City and with some others when speaking about the number of highrises generally, but in the 200m category you have most likely not expected a “third-world country” to compete with US cities.

And with the Trump Ocean Club Tower it’s home of the highest building in Latin America too.

Can’t impress you with highrise buildings? Well, how about Panama City having a tropical rainforest natural park within city limits?  Here you can have it all.

The explosive growth of Panama’s economy and the capitol has been initiated by the Torrijos-Carter Treaties which gave the Republic of Panama the Panama Canal and Canal Zone with all its facilities back for free, by end of 1999.

Between then and now, Panama has become the second-richest country in Latin America with an impressive average annual growth rate of 8.4% since 2004.

But, you may say now, what has all this to do with the Silicon Valley? Come back to see …





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